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2Hr Aquarist APT FIXLITE


  • The gentler way to treat algae
  • Fights red, green and filamentous algae
  • Supports the removal of algae in the aquarium
  • Specially designed for Mosses and more delicate plants
  • Spot dosing possible on healthy and vigorous plants
  • Follow application instructions

APT Fix Lite by 2HR Aquarist is a water treatment solution designed to combat algae growth. This formula is much gentler from the original and is a great way to treat algae.
Specially designed for Mosses, Liverworts (Riccardia, Riccia etc.) Vallisneria (Tape Grass) and more delicate plants. Biodegrades completely.

Unlike products with biocides that may accumulate in your aquarium when used frequently, APT F/Fix takes a different approach. It facilitates the reduction of algae by targeting the weak protein compounds within the algae cells using epoxy-aldehydes.

This effective treatment makes it a breeze to eliminate red algae, green algae, and filamentous algae from your freshwater aquarium. Moreover, thanks to the swift degradation of the active ingredient, you won’t have to worry about bio-accumulation or water pollution.

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100ml, 300ml

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