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ADA nature aquarium guide 60


  • Comprehensive manual
  • Abundant illustrations
  • Covering everything from placement to maintenance
  • Including practical tips and tricks

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The booklet “Nature Aquarium Guide”  by ADA covers the setup and maintenance of an ADA 60-P. From selecting the perfect location to the arrangement, technology, and overall care, this booklet offers valuable insights into the ADA philosophy.

Each step toward achieving an optimal layout is thoroughly explained and accompanied by numerous illustrations. This approach makes it accessible for beginners to immerse themselves in the world of Aqua Design Amano. Even fundamental aspects, such as determining water parameters and performing water changes, are extensively elucidated. The guide encompasses instructions on plant pruning, addressing issues, and the crucial aspect of layout design. In “Nature Aquarium – The 60 Guide,” you’ll find everything needed for successfully nurturing an aquarium over an extended period.

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