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  • Made of glass
  • Suitable for aquariums with a length of 45 to 60 cm
  • Combines CO2 diffusor and bubble counter
  • Includes ADA check valve and 3 suction cups

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The DOOA CO2 Count Diffuser plays a crucial role in providing essential plant nutrients, especially CO2, to aquariums, particularly in aquascapes and planted tanks, fostering optimal plant growth. Ensuring excellent solubility of CO2 in water requires effective atomization of CO2 bubbles, a task accomplished by the integrated membrane within the CO2 Count Diffuser. Additionally, precise control and adjustment of CO2 input are essential. Typically, a separate bubble counter is necessary for this purpose, but not with the Count Diffuser. Here, the diffuser incorporates the bubble counter, merging these two vital components into a single unit.