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EHEIM classic – With media


  • Very high quality
  • Very quiet running
  • Long-lasting flexible silicon sealing ring in pumphead
  • All models comes with double tap valves and filter media

The EHEIM classic external filter stands as a dependable and extensively proven piece of equipment, with a track record of millions of successful applications. All models consistently meet the highest quality standards, boasting first-class components and meticulously matched features to ensure optimal pump and filter performance. Beyond performance, you can expect the renowned EHEIM quiet operation, robust durability, and minimal energy consumption.

Designed for aquariums ranging from 50 to 1,500 litres, the EHEIM classic filter line offers five models, each equipped with various features. These filters can be filled with either filter pads or loose filter media, and they feature a long-lasting flexible silicon seal in the pump head. The package includes a spray bar, inlet pipe, hose, and installation accessories for your convenience.


150 (2211), 250 (2213), 350 (2215), 600 (2217)

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