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Tropica Anniversary Book – 50 Years Under The Surface


  • Softcoverbook
  • 50th anniversary of Tropica
  • Colourful illustration
  • Comprehensive reportation

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In May 1970, Tropica Aquarium Plants introduced its inaugural plant, marking a significant milestone that spans 50 years. Originating from the vision of an enthusiastic hobbyist, Holger Windeløv, and propelled into the future by the dedicated corporate group, JPS Clemens, Tropica Aquarium Plants has evolved into a global hub for aquarists.

Celebrate this remarkable journey with the 50th-anniversary book, which immerses you in the unfolding story from the early ’70s and the company’s inception to the present day, with glimpses into the future. The pages of the book unveil the essence of Tropica, the passion for the aquarium hobby, and the vibrant community that has flourished over the years. As you explore, you’ll also gain valuable insights and tools to navigate the art of aquascaping.