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UNS CO2 Cylinder Pro – 5LB


  • Ease of Refill
  • High Safety Standards
  • Face side orientation

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The UNS CO2 Cylinder Pro is an essential tool for any serious planted tank enthusiast, designed to support robust growth in your aquatic garden. This cylinder includes a convenient on/off valve feature, eliminating the need for pin valves and preventing accidental gas release during installation and setup.

The rate at which CO2 is depleted may vary based on factors like usage intensity, specific needs of your aquarium plants, and the size of your tank.

Key Features and Important Notes:

– UNS CO2 cylinders are delivered empty. Please ensure you have access to a certified source to safely fill the cylinder after delivery.

Product Specifications:

– Volume: 5LB / 3.35L
– Working Pressure: 124BAR / 1800PSI
– Test Pressure: 207BAR / 3000PSI
– Height: 14.53″ / 369mm (without valve)
– Weight: 6.61LB / 3KG (without valve)
– Material: Aluminum
– Certification: DOT3AL

What’s Included:

– UNS CO2 Cylinder Pro – 5LB