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UNS Mini Dual Stage CO2 Regulator


  • Built-in solenoid for controlling CO2 supply on and off in sync with the light cycle
  • CGA320 threaded rod adapter (fits standard north american CO2 gas tanks)
  • Adjustable knob for customizing working pressure
  • Includes Paintball CO2 adapter and bubble counter

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The redesigned UNS Mini CO2 Regulator now features a dual-stage regulation system, incorporating an added safety mechanism to prevent the complete emptying of the tank. Its new design is not only compact, ensuring it occupies minimal space inside the cabinet, but also stylish with a modern space gray finish.

Included in the package:
– UNS Mini Two-Stage CO2 Regulator
– Bubble counter
– Selection of tools
– Standard CGA-320 adapter (pre-installed)
– Paintball adapter
– AC adapter
– Assortment of extra O-rings for washers

For plants to engage in photosynthesis and grow, two fundamental elements are required: nutrients and light.

Carbon is the primary nutrient essential for plant growth. Although carbon dioxide (CO2) is plentiful in the atmosphere and plants typically absorb CO2 directly from it, underwater environments such as aquariums usually have very low CO2 levels. Without supplementation, aquatic plants struggle to thrive as they cannot effectively utilize light for photosynthesis. This often results in algae competing with plants for nutrients and light, inhibiting plant growth. Supplementing CO2 in an aquarium fosters healthier and faster plant growth, enabling them to outcompete algae.

The CO2 regulator is a key component of any CO2 supplementation system. Gas cylinder pressures can exceed 700 psi, which is excessively high for direct application. The regulator is crucial as it safely moderates the CO2 output, allowing it to pass through the air tube and diffuser into the aquarium efficiently.