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2Hr Aquarist APT SKY


  • Allows hard and soft water plants to grow side by side
  • Water conditioner to adjust the total hardness
  • Supports shrimp keeping
  • To adjust the GH-level

APT s/Sky, created by 2HR Aquarist, serves as a water conditioner enabling aquatic plants to flourish regardless of water hardness. It also promotes the growth of shrimp in soft water conditions. This product, s/Sky, combines an ideal blend of soluble calcium and magnesium salts, trace elements, and seaweed extract into a consistent mixture. This mixture is both safe and harmless to aquatic life, readily dissolving in water.

With APT s/Sky, you can precisely tailor the aquarium’s water hardness to suit the preferences of its inhabitants and aquatic plants, ensuring their comfort. Importantly, APT s/Sky adjusts the GH-value in the aquarium without negatively impacting the NPK, KH-value, or pH-value. Simultaneously, it introduces a well-balanced quantity of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and trace elements into the tank to achieve an optimal GH-value.


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