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BENIBACHI Bacteria Bee3


  • Enzymes and chitosan
  • contribute to water clarity
  • Enhance the growth, coloration, and molting

BENIBACHI Bee3 combines enzymes and chitosan to support water quality, enhance the growth, coloration, and molting of both juvenile and adult shrimps. Regular use of Bee3 can contribute to water clarity and molting improvement, reducing the occurrence of shrimp deaths during molting.

Bee3, along with Bee MAX, serves as a general health and bacteria supplement. It can be applied during the initial tank setup by spreading it underneath the substrate or dosed 1-2 times a week. Contrary to the instructions, it is most effective when mixed with water and then poured into the tank.

Does not require refrigeration after opening.


Usage instructions: For a 60cm tank, use 1 spoon, and for a 90cm tank, use 2 spoons. Simply add Bee3 directly to the tank.