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Benibachi Komb Food – 50g


  • highly nutritious kelp
  • valuable mineral source for planted tanks

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Discover the Nutrient-Packed Komb Food

Elevate the growth and development of your juvenile and adult shrimps with Komb Food, a highly nutritious kelp powdered delight. Crafted to promote thriving shrimp health and mineralize water, Komb Food is the perfect choice for aquarists seeking top-tier nutrition.

Dosage is simple and effective: Feed an amount equivalent to one round of shrimp dining, approximately one spoonful per 20 gallons. Avoid overfeeding to maintain water quality. Komb Food also offers a valuable mineral source for planted tanks!

Our premium formula includes:

– Kelp seaweed species
– Polysaccharides: Alginic acid, Laminarin, Mannitol, Fucoidan
– Seaweed-specific minerals
– Amino acids
– Vitamins

Choose Komb Food and nurture your shrimps’ growth, vitality, and the health of your aquatic ecosystem.

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