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BENIBACHI Red Bee Ambitious 30g


  • organic kale
  • contains minerals and enzyme that promote growth
  • dissolves slowly which can be eaten by juvenile shrimps.

Benibachi Red Bee Ambitious stands as a premium-grade dietary supplement meticulously crafted for aquarium shrimp to boost their growth and enhance their coloration. Its natural composition, including spirulina, kale, and krill, delivers optimal nutrition, aiding shrimp during their growth and developmental phases.

Primarily suited for species like Red Bee Shrimp and other Caridina variants, where vibrant red coloration and robust growth are highly coveted, this supplement is a valuable asset. Regular use of Benibachi Red Bee Ambitious can notably enhance your shrimp’s growth rate and intensify their color, fostering their overall health and vitality.

Formulated with top-quality ingredients, this supplement excludes harmful chemicals or additives that might jeopardize shrimp or other aquatic life.

Administering Benibachi Red Bee Ambitious is straightforward: consult the package instructions for the suitable dosage concerning your aquarium size and shrimp population. It can be effortlessly integrated into your shrimp’s regular diet or directly added to the aquarium water for optimal outcomes.

In essence, Benibachi Red Bee Ambitious stands as a potent and secure dietary supplement, nurturing your shrimp towards their optimal growth and vibrant coloration while championing their holistic well-being. Regular use ensures the maintenance of a lively and thriving aquarium shrimp community.

Feed your shrimp 2-3 times daily, offering an amount they can consume within 1-2 hours.

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