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Benibachi Red Up – 30g


  • Enhance the red hues in Caridina and neocaridina
  • natural blend of red and green pigments

Introducing Benibachi Red Up

Benibachi Red Up stands as a premium-grade dietary supplement crafted exclusively for aquarium shrimp, aiming to intensify their vibrant red hues. Imbued with natural components like carotenoids and vitamins, Benibachi Red Up actively boosts metabolic functions and triggers the development of vivid color pigments in shrimp.

Primarily recommended for species like Red Cherry Shrimp, Red Crystal Shrimp, and Red Bee Shrimp, where bold red coloration is highly sought after, this supplement ensures the sustainability of radiant hues. Regular application of Benibachi Red Up assists shrimp in maintaining and elevating their optimal color intensity while fostering their overall health and vitality.

Simple and effective in usage, Benibachi Red Up can be effortlessly mixed with aquarium water. Formulated with top-quality ingredients, this supplement is free from any detrimental chemicals or additives that could pose risks to shrimp or other aquatic life.

To administer Benibachi Red Up, refer to the package instructions for appropriate dosage based on your aquarium size and shrimp population. The supplement can be seamlessly integrated into your shrimp’s regular diet or directly added to the aquarium water for optimal outcomes.

In essence, Benibachi Red Up stands as a secure and potent dietary supplement, amplifying the vivid red tones in shrimp while nurturing their holistic well-being. Regular use ensures the maintenance of a thriving and vibrantly colored aquarium shrimp community.


1. 45cm tank – 1 small spoon
2. 60cm tank – 2 small spoons
3. 90cm tank – 3 small spoons


Shake the bottle before use. Thoroughly mix in a separate cup to avoid any disturbance from fine powders in the tank. Expect slight changes in water coloration, perfectly normal due to the supplement’s fine particles.

Avoid excessive usage.

Ingredients: Natural red and green pigment combination.