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Benibachi Shrimp Food 50g


  • Two size grannules in same pack(for adults and juviniles)
  • Excellent for colouration
  • Boosts growth

Introducing Benibachi Shrimp Food – Your Recipe for Vibrant Shrimp!

Transform your shrimp-keeping experience with our premium Benibachi Shrimp Food (formerly known as Benibachi Gold Food). Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, this exceptional food is tailored to pamper your caridina species.

Why choose Benibachi Shrimp Food?

100% Natural Ingredients: We’ve harnessed the power of Mother Nature, combining kelp powder, yeast, calcium, vitamins, minerals, chitin, and chitosan natural extracts to provide a wholesome diet for your beloved shrimp.

Enhanced Coloration: Elevate the brilliance of your shrimp’s colors with our specialized formula. The high calcium content in our food promotes a thicker shell, resulting in stunning and vivid coloration.

Growth Booster: Watch your shrimp thrive as they grow stronger and more vibrant. Benibachi Shrimp Food nurtures their growth and vitality, ensuring you have happy and healthy shrimp in your aquarium.

Versatile Feeding: Our product includes 20g of small granules and 30g of large oval-sized pads, catering to both adult and young shrimps. It’s the ideal food solution for your entire shrimp community.

Elevate your shrimp-keeping game with Benibachi Shrimp Food. Provide your cherished caridina species with the best in nutrition and care, and witness the remarkable results for yourself. Order yours today and experience the Benibachi difference!