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  • Biodegradable disinfectant effective against various pests
  • Targets Planaria, Hydra, Leach, and worms.
  • Ensures safe treatment without any harm to shrimp or plants.
  • Achieves Planaria control within just 72 hours.

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Planaria, once in your tank, are incredibly stubborn to remove. They’re omnivores, devouring almost everything except plants. Their scavenging habits make them virtually impossible to eliminate. Moreover, they pose a threat to shrimp, targeting both the creatures and their eggs. The challenge escalates when feeding shrimp, as planaria outcompete them for food, adding to the difficulty of eradication. Treating a shrimp tank has historically been challenging, especially with wormers aimed at Planaria removal, which often impact the sensitive shrimp negatively. However, Genchem No Planaria effectively eradicates these pests without harming the shrimp, offering a solution to this persistent problem.


Treatment Guidelines:

1. Refrain from feeding your shrimps during the treatment.
2. Prior to dosing, remove the carbon filter and monitor dissolved oxygen levels closely.
3. After dosing, promptly remove any planaria bodies to prevent ammonia build-up.
4. Avoid overdosing the treatment.
5. After 72 hours, execute a 25% water change and utilize activated carbon in your filter for several days.
6. Repeat the dosage after a 2-week interval. This step is crucial as it targets newly hatched planaria, as the treatment doesn’t eliminate planaria eggs.
7. Note that certain snails may react sensitively to Genchem No Planaria. If snails are present, it’s advisable to relocate them temporarily during the treatment process.


Ingredient: Betel nut palm extract