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Benibachi SP MAX-H – 30g


  • Enhance the pure white of your shrimps
  • designed for Caridina

Unleash the Elegance with BENIBACHI SP MAX-H

Elevate the pristine white beauty of your crystal shrimps with BENIBACHI SP MAX-H, a pure, natural, and organic wonder designed to enhance their radiance.


– For a 45cm tank: Use 1 small spoon
– For a 60cm tank: Use 2 small spoons
– For a 90cm tank: Use 3 small spoons

Directions: Prior to use, carefully stir and mix the product in a separate cup to avoid dispersing white powders in your tank. It’s normal for the water to take on a white or chalky appearance due to the fine MAX-H particles; however, avoid overdosing.


– Coral calcium
– Glucosamine
– Quito sun
– Collagen and shark cartilage
– Yeast
– Minerals
– Natural pigments and more

Unlock the brilliance of your crystal shrimps with BENIBACHI SP MAX-H, a remarkable blend of nature’s finest elements. Elevate the allure of your aquatic world today.