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Shirakura Mineral Stone 200 g


  • Expandable clay mineral rock consisting of montmorillonit
  • Enriches the water in your aquarium with essential minerals
  • Binds harmful substances like ammonia and heavy metals
  • For health, vitality and bright colours
  • Prevents moulting problems

Shirakura Mineral Stone: A Natural Solution for Water Enrichment

Discover the Shirakura Mineral Stone, a unique and expandable mineral stone crafted from montmorillonit. This exceptional stone not only enriches water with essential minerals but also acts as a natural ion exchanger, effectively purifying the water in your aquarium. Its high ion exchange capacity enables it to bind and secure harmful substances like ammonium/ammoniac and heavy metals over an extended period, ensuring the safety of your shrimp.

Initially, you might observe the Mineral Stone appearing to dissolve in the water, but rest assured, it’s a natural swelling process. This expansion is crucial for storing toxic substances within its intermediate layers and adsorbing them to the clay silicate.

For the health, vitality, and vibrant colors of your aquatic inhabitants, as well as to prevent molting issues, it is paramount to enrich the water with minerals and promptly bind poisonous substances. This is especially crucial when dealing with natural, very soft water or substrates that soften the water, where mineral deficiencies can arise quickly. Japanese shrimp breeders, including the renowned Takayuki Shirakura, trust and utilize these mineral stones in their breeding facilities, attesting to their positive impact. Elevate your aquarium environment with the Shirakura Mineral Stone, promoting the well-being and longevity of your cherished shrimp.


Usage Instructions

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of the Mineral Stone, follow these simple steps:

1. Preparation: Before initial use, submerge the stone under water for a brief period, repeating this process approximately four times every few minutes. This aids in proper soaking and helps prevent potential cracking or breaking in the future.

2. Dosage: Add approximately 200g of Mineral Stone per 100 liters of water into your aquarium. For best results, replace the stone after approximately 6 months.

3. Overdosage: There are no adverse effects on shrimp in case of overdosage. The Mineral Stone is designed to enhance water quality without posing any harm to your aquatic inhabitants.

4. Maintenance: If the mineral stone becomes covered with algae, remove it from the aquarium. Gently brush off the algae, and then place the stone back into the aquarium. This simple maintenance step ensures the continued effectiveness of the Mineral Stone in enriching your aquarium water with essential minerals.