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Twinstar LED Light III EA (adjustable legs)


  • RGB-Full spectrum LEDs for vivid colours
  • Attractive light colour of 7.000 K
  • Promotes optimal plant growth
  • Makes the colors of the fish appear more luminous

* Feet on the legs are dark grey, not transparent*

TWINSTAR LIGHT E series is a new aquarium LED lighting with a full light spectrum for rich and vivid colors. In addition, the LED provides optimum brightness for plant growth. Under the new Twinstar LED the colors of fish to appear more luminous than ever before.

With its full light spectrum and a wide range of wavelengths from 400nm to 700nm, the new LED provides the optimum light required for plant growth. Aquarium plants remain healthy and colorful. The Twinstar Light optimizes and improves the environment for the growth of aquarium plants and makes the colors of the fish appear more luminous.

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300EA (30CM Adjustable), 450EA (45CM Adjustable), 600EA (60CM Adjustable), 900EA (90CM Adjustable), 120EA (120CM Adjustable)