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Benibachi BEE STRONG – 30g


  • Fortified  Shrimp shells
  • promotes robust, stunning shells

Introducing Benibachi BEE STRONG 30g

Empower Your Crystal Shrimps with Benibachi BEE STRONG

Benibachi BEE STRONG is your key to fortifying and enhancing the elegance of your crystal shrimps. With a unique blend of shrimp meal and crab meal, this wonder promotes robust, stunning shells in your beloved crustaceans.

Directions: For optimal results, use a small amount during feeding. Prior to each use, remember to shake the bottle and thoroughly stir and mix the product in a separate cup to prevent the dispersion of white powders in your tank. The slight chalky appearance of your water, caused by the fine particles of BEE STRONG, is entirely normal. Avoid overfeeding to maintain the best results.


– Shrimp meal and crab meal
– Calcium
– Digestion enzyme
– Other essential components

Empower your crystal shrimps with Benibachi BEE STRONG—a testament to fortified shells and lasting beauty. Elevate the splendor of your aquatic world today.