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Benibachi Dry Spinach 20g


  • premium-quality dried spinach
  • nutrient-rich food source

Benibachi Dry Spinach is a premium-quality dried spinach designed for nourishing ornamental shrimp and other aquarium fish. This product serves as a nutrient-rich food source, promoting the overall health and development of aquatic animals by providing natural vitamins and minerals.

Regular inclusion of Benibachi Dry Spinach in the diet contributes to enhanced digestive health, strengthened immune systems, and supports healthy reproduction in aquarium animals. The dried spinach is conveniently portioned for easy measurement and storage, catering to the practical needs of every aquarist.

This dry organic spinach is pesticide-free.

Dry Spinach can be used as a daily food. Simply add it directly to the tank or place it in a cup of tank water until the spinach fully sinks before introducing it into the tank.