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Mironekuton Powder, glass bottle with 150 g


  • ideal for aquaria with soil
  • enhances the function of the microbiology
  • enhances the function of the microbiology
  • for stable water parameters

Introducing the authentic Mironekuton® from Japan, a 100% natural mineral powder without any additives. This revered product has gained widespread popularity among Japanese shrimp breeders and plant tank enthusiasts due to its numerous benefits, especially when combined with soil substrates. Mironekuton® significantly enhances the crucial microbiology, including bacteria and accompanying fauna.

Utilized as a mineral supplement and water conditioner during the tank cycling phase, Mironekuton® plays a vital role in fostering the development of essential microorganisms in both the filter and substrate from the very beginning. As your tank operates, Mironekuton® continuously releases minerals, catering to the needs of inhabitants and beneficial organisms within the tank.

Beyond its positive characteristics, Mironekuton® stabilizes pH levels, preventing potentially harmful pH fluctuations. It maintains total hardness (GH), improves water quality, enhances ion exchange capacity, and promotes superior plant growth and root formation. This, in turn, boosts photosynthesis and oxygen production. Mironekuton® also acts as a powerful absorbent, ensuring crystal-clear water and eliminating odors.

In Japan, the powder is seamlessly incorporated into the substrate during tank setup. Simply add a substrate layer, lightly cover it with Mironekuton®, and then complete the substrate layer. After decorating and filling the tank with water, sprinkle a small amount of Mironekuton® on the water surface for even distribution as it sinks.

Dosage in the aquarium:
For every 10 litres of tank water, add a knife tip (approx. 0.4 g) of Mironekuton® Mineral Powder every three to four days.

Mironekuton® Mineral Powder is versatile and can be mixed into your homemade shrimp food as an effective mineral supplement. It is also suitable for re-mineralizing RO water, fully and partially demineralized water, and conditioning and removing harmful substances from rainwater. Elevate your aquarium experience with Mironekuton® for a thriving aquatic environment.